The Finance Department of Shu-Te University, regards the prospect of Taiwan's economic development status with the future growth , correlated to  regional economy, then in response to rapid change in Taiwan's economic environment and industry transformation, for the financial services industry and enterprise finance-related management of literacy needs to be adjusted, the increasing demand for qualified personnel as well, was founded in 1998. The department upholding the concept of "Whole Person Learning" as a basic policy, then to foster industry in dire need of financial integration professionals, on the other hand, to provide re-education opportunities for advanced studies to the financial services employees in their own learning. Currently, the department offers the undergraduate, graduate, and in-service Master's programs.

Curriculum planning

    In order to cultivate management personnel with widely financial quality, require students must have adequate professional knowledge and capability in the field of banking, securities, risk management and insurance. By program curriculum modulization design, to enhance the depth and breadth for students' areas of expertise. Through legacy of experience, teachers and students interact with each other to confirm theory with practice, then training students to have more cognition for real financial essence. With discipline courses and internships in industry through the first six semesters and「Topping」practical teaching during the fourth grade, we prompt students with both theoretical and practical abilities to obtain at least two professional certification before graduation, in order to strengthen their competitiveness in employment and further studies.


 (1) Fusion of teaching and practice

    Emphasis on theory in the practical application, according to the course content, to invite professionals to come to the speech, enrich students' practical experience; to provide off-campus activities related message in order to increase students' participation opportunities for financial investment and financial management activities.

(2) Cater for students with appropriate development

    The tutors will be counseling the third grade students in accordance with the intention of their further education or employment, and also timely to organize advanced studies seminars, employment skills training camp, virtual trading contest, employment matching activities, off-campus winter/summer internship, 「Topping」practical teaching, and counseling for licence certification as well as English improvement courses, etc..

◎    Prospect

(1) Vision : the best financial personnel training department in technical education domain.

(2) Mission: cultivate financial and risk management professionals with the concept of "Whole Person Education."

(3) Goal: to foster professional financial and risk management personnel with high employability.

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